… give it all you can and you’ll have the time of your life…


We have prepared the best Enduro tours for individuals and groups in Croatia and wider. Located in the northern part of Istria, we combine intriguing nature exploration, welcoming homelike accommodation, exceptional local cuisine and challenging training routes, all supervised and guided by a professional guide.

Get ready to feel the adrenaline rush and test your limits. This tour will challenge your physical and mental strength where you will be completely focused on your driving skills. Every muscle, every bone and every single thought will be concentrated on one thing only: getting to the next stop.

And although you will be stretched to your upper limits, the dizzying feeling of achievement and personal triumph will be overwhelming – your success will follow you for a long time. Now don’t freak out, you will be challenged, but in good hands.

Do you know what makes Enduro so enticing? You get to show your power by conquering the bike, the trail and yourself, but you also create strong connections with your peers. So you may come here to vent out for a day, but you will probably become an Enduro addict for life. Like we did 🙂