What is this all about?

This tour is a creation of passion. The route is carefully designed to gradually challenge you more and more. We wanted to show off the beauties of the region and bring out the most of you by combining various difficulty levels.

So here’s what the program looks like:

  • You get to stay in our house for three nights. You will get a room with your private bathroom (well, see more about that here). There is a community room where we will spend a lot of time together, discussing, watching photos, laughing, drinking…
  • New bike included (awesome, right?)
  • You get expert tips and tricks so you rock your ride right from the start – no-holds-barred!
  • You get to be a supermodel on the tour (meaning you will be photographed a lot, and you get the digital photos to brag at home)

If you want to, you can also:

  • Book a transfer from nearest airports with us

To make it all more personalized, we did not include meals into the price. We will take you to our favorite restaurants where you can choose from local delicacies. You will lick your fingers!


  • You may choose to bring your own bike. The bike has to have the regular registration and insurance with proper number plate, lights and original exhaust system or a dB killer. It is also advisable that it is equipped with handguards, engine case guard.  in that case the price goes down to.


8.30 Breakfast
9.00 Equipment issue
9.30 Riders' briefing and body warm-up
10.00 Kick off Part 1
13.00 Lunch break
14.00 Kick off Part 2
17.00 Park the KTM now!
19.00 Dinner at a yummy restaurant

BOOK NOW – endurides@gmail.com

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