Racing Team


Age: 39
Nationality: Croatian
Profession: racer / former racer – now tour manager and founder of Endurides, enduro tours in Istria, Croatia
Job in Team: Team Manager & Riders Coach
Motto of Life: Life is what you make of it
Favorite race: Romaniacs

Stefan Graw

Age: 32
Nationality: German
Profession: Electrican for High Voltage/ Energie Supply
Job in Team: Training Partner, pushing the young team members
Motto of Life: Do not die with dreams, die with memories
Fun fact: best English speaking in the team – NOT- , sleeps more then a Koala, Jarvis look alike
Ritual before race: Stretching my arm muscles, visit a toilet
Favorite race: Extreme Enduro Fenix

Dino Samaržija

Age: 29
Nationality: Croatian
Profession: Racer/tour guide at endurides
Job in Team: Rider
Motto: If you believe in yourself you can achieve everything
Fun fact: lungs as a horse, speaks German Croatian, English and mandarin. HA!
Ritual before race: touching his tralala
Favorite race: Extreme enduro likax

Marco Pfeifer

Age: 27
Nationality: German
Profession: Technical engineer
Job in Team: Rider
Motto: Everything will kill you so choose something fun.
Fun fact: His long legs always save him from crashing
Ritual before race: Drinking half of the water from his @uswesports hydrationpack before the race has started
Favorite race: Romaniacs + Erzbergrodeos

Robert Lučić

Age: 32
Nationality: Croatian
Profession: Car painter
Job in Team: Rider
Motto: “Keep calm and ride forward and most important always have fun”
Fun fact: drinks more coffee than water
Ritual before race: Having a beer before the race for good luck
Favorite race: Extreme Enduro “Fenix” and Red Bull Erzbergrodeo

Wilhelm Ehm

Age: 27
Nationality: German
Profession: Automotive mechatronic
Job in Team: Rider
Motto of life: “Never give up! ”
Fun fact: Friends call him Wilicopter, if you see him party, you’ll know why
Ritual before race: Listening to music when getting changed (mainly Pink Floyd) – checking the bike setup
Favorite race: @redbullromaniacs